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Raise the transmission enough to remove the weight from the rear support. 13. REMOVE ENGINE REAR MOUNTING 14. REMOVE TRANSMISSION MOUNTING BOLTS AND FLYWHEEL HOUSING UNDER COVER 15.-1 (W58 M/T) REMOVE TRANSMISSION ASSEMBLY Pull out the transmission down and toward the rear. 15.-2 (R154 M/T) REMOVE TRANSMISSION ASSEMBLY WITH CLUTCH

As it turns out the difference is at most 1 or 2 mph until 5th gear. The R154 trans has a top speed about 6mph faster than the W58. Doesnt really matter to me though cuz I dont plan on going 160mph in my taco. How much power can the W58 handle? How much power can the R154 handle? What might be the pros and cons of each? R154 Ratios: First Gear: 3.250:1
I'm working on a W58 conversion at present. I have scored a CUBE short throw shifter from down under for $130. I had to replace the "A002" bushing in your diagram with an aluminum one which is probably going to be making added noise as the OEM Toyota part is a rubber isolated double sleeve.
The gas engine is mated to a 5-speed transmission and also takes 13.5 seconds to accomplish 100 km/hr. ... 5 Speed Gear Short Shifter For W50 W55 W57 W58 R154 Mk1 Mk2 ...
**PRE-ORDER** Brand New R154 JZX100 Transmission . Yes, you read it correctly, BRAND NEW R154!! These are the newer JZX100 version of the R154 from Japan that has 3pc synchros, and the main shift rails inside have ball bearings for smoother operation.
W58 How much torque can it handle? I hear a lot about how you should upgrade to the R154 if you want to up the power beyond 400hp especially if you want to have the occasional drag race. Keep reading that the w58 will never take it but I have NEVER seen someone post that they have actually blown one!
Jan 03, 2016 · looking for a r154 or w58 gearbox Must be from soarer or supra mk4,good price paid Cash waiting
The AX15 is a split-case, top shifting, overdrive transmission with the shifter being located in the rear section of the transmission. The AX15 is fully synchronized in all gears. All gears are helically cut. Gear ratios for the AX15 are: 3.83, 2.33, 1.44, 1.00, 0.79, for first through fifth, respectively. Identification
everybody knows how hard to get r154 in the good condition. i just finished a body work on my car and now i want pay litle bit of attention to my engine. can some one tell me pls how to fit w58 to 7mgte. i can get one realy cheap but so far as i know there are clutch difrences (push/pull). i will be thankfull for all info. what parts i need etc.etc
W58 vs R154. Yes the 154 is stronger than the w58. There are two versions of the transmission, one for the supra and one for the soarer.
The R154 is a transmission that is manufactured by the Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan. Toyota’s R-series of transmissions are known for being 5-speed transmissions. This means they have a 5-speed gearbox that includes 1 reverse gear and 5 forward gears. What is special about the R154 is how well it is constructed and designed.
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  • w58 transmission. r154 transmission à Québec. Annonces correspondantes Préciser la recherche (143).
  • Kanssa yritin lueskella ja löysin yhen paikan missä luki että w58 & r154 sopivuudessa mutta haluaisin vielä varmistusta asiaan! Kirjattu Toyota Corolla KE70 powered by Euro 2jz-gte, holset hx40 super, 1000cc injector dynamics, cop puolat, aeromotive a1000 bensapumppu ja säädin, AEM v2 ecu ymsyms
  • Toyota Supra 1986-1993 R154 5 speed 2ND GEAR (35 tooth/3 ID groove) Part #R1542G
  • Application . For Toyota Supra and Celica XX Mk1 (A40) all 5 speed manual. 78-81 For Toyota Supra Mk2 (A60) all 5 speed manual. 81-86 For Toyota Supra Mk3 (A70) all 5 speed manual. 86-93 For Toyota Supra Mk4 (A80) all 5 speed manual with direct fit style shifter. 93-02 For Toyota Soarer Z20 W57, W58 and R154 5 speed manual. 86-91 For Toyota Hilux pickups with 5 speed, 4cyl petrol/gasoline, 2WD ...

Used transmissions market has penetrated the web, and you'll find numerous websites dedicated to used-transmissions only. But, while purchasing a well-functioning used transmission through any of these online vendors, just be inquisitive, and carefully go through the attached catalogue of the transmissions.

Toyota W58 vs R154 transmission comparison. Před 2 lety. In this video we compare the physical characteristics for the W58 and R154 transmission.Dec 31, 2010 · mk3 supra, the 3.0 turbo and 1jz versions also both used the r154 box. however only the 1jz'd supra will have the right bellhousing, and tbh youll be very unlikely to find one. the w58 came in mk3 supra na and celica supra. #2 initial_j, Dec 29, 2010. Joe-sef -Broseph-.
Toyota 1uz Fe Engine W58 Transmission Bellhousing Supra Lexus Celsior Soarer Toyota R154 Transmission - $335.00 Toyota R154 Transmission 2jz 1jz Supra Aristo Soarer 2jzgte 1jzgte Bell Housing R154/W58-55 Shifter Extension Service $ 250.00; Diff Welding Service $ 60.00; IS300 LCA Extension Service $ 165.00; SR20DET S13.4 Valve Cover Conversion Service $ 350.00; Maxima Tie Rod Set (S-Chassis) $ 60.00 The mass retail sector dominates the sale of food products, while the short distribution channel and specialist shops are competing fiercely for ever more significant market share. toyota will vs. is300 with w55 or w58? Jump to Latest Follow. TOYOTA W58 VS R154 TRANSMISSION COMPARISONTop Secret Garage.

Dec 31, 2010 · mk3 supra, the 3.0 turbo and 1jz versions also both used the r154 box. however only the 1jz'd supra will have the right bellhousing, and tbh youll be very unlikely to find one. the w58 came in mk3 supra na and celica supra. #2 initial_j, Dec 29, 2010. Joe-sef -Broseph-.

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Fits R-Series transmissions (R150, R150F, R151F, R154, etc). Includes a set of four Grade 10.9 Flange Bolts which have a much higher tensile and shear strengths than the stock Toyota cover plate bolts.